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Measures of Success

The PCE3 Consortium is committed to transforming both the origins of life community and its research corpus by enabling a new dialogue across disciplines and driving new collaborations that give rise to novel research avenues. The ultimate goal is to push forward our understanding of one of the most significant events in early Earth’s history. As PCE3 evolves, we anticipate the community endeavors will lead to the following tangible outcomes:

  • New collaborative teams across the early Earth and prebiotic chemistry disciplines propose and conduct interdisciplinary research that transforms origins research.

  • Ideological and dogmatic barriers that have previously divided the origins of life and prebiotic chemistry communities are overcome by improved community communication and collaboration.

  • Novel research avenues arise independently of traditional ideas and lead to innovative approaches for exploring prebiotic chemistry under plausible planetary conditions.

  • The growing body of knowledge of early Earth conditions relevant for prebiotic chemistry experimental design is made accessible through a virtual portal that interfaces experimentalists with known early Earth constraints.

  • The trajectory for early Earth research is extended to better inform prebiotic chemistry research, specifically the temporal evolution of global parameters, controls on co-varying parameters, and the manifestation of global conditions in specific early Earth environments and the resulting local conditions.

  • Early Earth models are expanded and refined to include the early history of complex organic molecules on Earth.

  • Constraints from prebiotic chemistry research are included in the criteria for exploration and detection of habitable worlds.

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